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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What The Hell Am I Doing Here?!?!

There are times in everyone's lives when we just wonder what and why am i doing this huh??
Same is the situation with me nowadays. After my 10th std i decided to be a genetic engineer!!! (sounds strange though). But i always sucked at physics. But then too i opted for science and started preparing for my engg exams, IIT AIEEE etc. But in 12th std i decided not to do engg but go in for bachelors in Economics instead. I was pretty confident with my decision. I cleared my entrance for the same course in SSE i.e. Symbiosis school Of Economics. I was called for my GD & PI and i cleared that as well. I was the happiest person on earth that time! But i guess God had some other plans for me. I did'nt get a hostel there in pune :(
Sick people did'nt offer me accomodation in their hostel saying that it was for NRIs and foreign internationals. I was shattered. I had no clue what am i going to do. I had cleared in few of my engg exams, but that time engg was clearly not in my list. I always wanted to go abroad after my 12th for my further studies. But i did'nt have the courage and the audacity to go and tell my dad! I regret it now though. Some counsellor adviced me to do BAF i.e. Bachelors In Accounts And Finance. I had no clue what was that! But clearly that is what i was destined to do because i am doing BAF. I would'nt say i am unhappy but i am not happy either. I wanted to stay in a hostel, get an independent life. I am a freedom loving girl which i would have achieved only if i had been to hostel.
Now my life sucks! I have a stupid college with stupid bunch of people all around. Life is just about studies now. To be something in life, I need to have a MBA degree for which i have to literally slog my ass! There is no escape!
I never really imagined this kind of life. I mean i am 19+ and i still have'nt seen life! Everything has just gone for a toss. And had i been doing engg, i would be in a hostel, no mental pressure to do a PG which now for me is mandatory! I really dont know why am i doing this and how did i land up here! All i hope and pray is that there is something really great in store for me in the future.