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Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Metamorphosis

This, as a blogger is my first post. And i am pretty excited!! Since my blog is about the youth, my first post will be about my metamorphosis from being a school student to a college student. This is a significant change in most of our lives.
School life has been, and will always be the best part of my life. Anything and everything that happened to me in my school life is still so fresh as if it just happened. My school life was centered about my friends, teachers and of course my SCHOOL! And a bit of studying as well :P.. I was a bright student in my school. Well this is what everyone says that i WAS good in my school but i seriously was. I had the best of friends and the best of teachers. The friends that i had are my friends for life. I was always excited to go to school no matter how early i had to wake up. And it was not just friends but it was the entire process of goin to school. Getting inside the school bus, reaching school, early morning prayers, studying, having candid sessions with teachers and then the most awaited 15 mins tiffin break! All of us were just so excited. Then fighting with teachers for that one extra mark so that i could be the topper! Everything is so nostalgic.
But gone are those days. Because now i am a college student and nothing is the same. Life has changed completely. I might now have many more friends than i had in school, but my school friends are anytime more precious. We now have an hour break but those 15 mins in school were so better! We now have ample time to study because of lesser studying hours in college. But still before the exams we pray to god "I wish i could just pass. I dont want a KT"! Forget about fighting for an extra mark, we are uncertain whether we are gonna pass or no. But why? Is it because we are less intelligent now? No. Is it because we dont attend lectures? No. I mean yes we bunk, but we even attend a few!
Its just that its not school anymore. We dont have that feeling of competition. Coming first in your class in college is now a disgrace because your friends will be like "What a nerd he/she is"! We just dont feel like studying. Facebook now is more important than facing you books! A college student loses the discipline and sincerity after passing out from school.
Let me ask. How many of you'll remember THE PLEDGE?!?! Remember, school morning prayers!! For me, its go, went, gone!! I dont remember! But in school, reading out the pledge was fun..!! Going to school on Independence day was exciting. But now when the national anthem is being sung or when the flag is being hosted, i am fast asleep, happy in my dreamworld. This is what has changed. These are the little things bring about a huge change in school and college life. Well, there is lot more but i am too tired of typing now!
Cya next time.
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